Field Trip - Coffee Tour El Diamante - Coopeatenas

Wednesday, November 13th - 08:00AM - 01:00PM

The Coffee Tour El Diamante is a unique experience in Costa Rica about the coffee production process.

The visit will include a tour in the farm, water treatment plants, and mill. We will also see their beautiful nursery. 

Tours will be in English and Spanish.

8:30 am - Bus leaving form the main entrance of Marriott Los Sueños (venue).
3:00 pm - Return to the hotel. 

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About CoopeAtenas:

We are a cooperative of producers and multiple services.
We produce, harvest and commercialize coffee of the highest quality.
Likewise, we offer services such as: supermarket, gas station, automotive center, mini-supermarket and liquor store, insurance offices, warehouse of agricultural supplies and coffee tour.

Coopeatenas transforms financial wealth into social wealth.

Our main objective is to improve the quality of life of our associates, our collaborators and the community; integrating to the management of our cooperative the respect for values, for cooperative principles and for the environment We are Shared Development!