Measured Progress: Data-driven paths to sustainability

Friday, November 15th - 12:15PM - 12:45PM

When we look at what has dominated the headlines this past year, it is easy to be dismayed about the future of coffee production—a price crisis, a changing climate, an aging farmer population—the list goes on. These are urgent, seemingly intractable challenges. To tackle them, the coffee sector needs a next generation responsible sourcing system; one that can identify the things that work, the producers who have overcome challenges and found a new path forward. At Enveritas, we have built this system. We speak to tens of thousands of coffee farmers of all sizes all over the world each year. We have unique insight not only into the problems that producers face, but also into the actions and changes to business as usual that are making a real impact. In our presentation, we will highlight examples of initiatives that demonstrate measurable progress towards a more prosperous coffee sector for generations to come.