Who wants to Farm Coffee ?

Friday, November 15th - 02:30PM - 03:00PM
Kimberly easson

Mrs. Kimberly Easson

Strategic Director of the Partnership for Gender Equity, CQI

According to the ICO (2015) the average age of coffee farmers in Brazil is 50, Colombia, 54, and in Africa, 60 – a pattern that is similar in many other coffee producing countries around the world. These are startling facts for an industry that is experiencing strong and sustained growth in demand. The CQI Partnership for Gender Equity (PGE) is conducting research to better understand the generational dynamics in the coffee sector and their impact on youth out-migration from coffee communities. Price is but one issue that discourages youth from wanting to stay in farming - our research to date highlights other critical influencing factors. The outcome of this research will be practical recommendations that will allow the coffee industry to respond to the issues farmers are facing to impact the future of the value chain in crisis.