Kelly Amoroso

Coffee and Tea Buyer at Allegro Coffee Company

Kelly Amoroso, coffee and tea buyer at Allegro Coffee Company has been involved in the coffee industry for more than 20 years in various aspects as a coffee buyer, quality control manager, Q Instructor, coffee promotion, cupping competitions, and a coffee coordinator. Her regions of work include Latin America and Africa and in tea in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Her commitment to coffee and tea origins and quality of life improvement for producers has always been her passion and engages in the industry with various partners to further this objective.

Fernanda Carrillo Chacón

Feminist sociologist and the current Program Coordinator for Bean Voyage in Costa Rica

Fernanda is a feminist sociologist and the current Program Coordinator for Bean Voyage in Costa Rica. At Bean Voyage, she is responsible for the development of strategies and alliances for the execution of the organization’s initiatives that seek to support small coffee producers through the Care Trade umbrella; which consists of training, access to markets and accompaniment.

Fernanda was Re:Co fellow 2020 (Specialty Coffee Association), fellow of the Community Solutions Program 2021 (Embassy of the United States) and is a graduate of the University of Costa Rica with a degree in Sociology. In the past, he has also worked with agricultural and indigenous communities in southern Costa Rica.

Natali Venegas

Café de Costa Rica promoter at the Coffee Institute

Lic. Natali Venegas Venegas is the Café de Costa Rica promoter at the Coffee Institute. She has worked as an executive in the Traffic and Exports Unit of the Coffee Institute and currently implements the internal consumption strategy in this same institution.

She is a coffee producer and belongs to the third generation of a coffee-growing family in Los Santos region, and has an International Business degree from the National University of Costa Rica.

Within her work at the Coffee Institute of Costa Rica, she leads the social projects of Casas de la Alegría, the Gender Policy and the Youth Policy for the National Coffee Sector, through inter-institutional coordination for the implementation of actions for the benefit of Costa Rican Coffee Growing.