12. Faciteck

More than 10 years offering solutions to the needs of our valued customers. FaciTeck is a technology-oriented company founded by a group of engineers, with ample experience in research, development and marketing of individualized solutions, automation and specialized laboratory instruments, for coffee and other agricultural products processing industries.

Since our company inception, we launched a continuous program of research and development which results are new products that allow the improvement of productivity and profitability of our customer´s operations.

Our Products

  • Authorized Meyer distributor for Central America and the Caribbean. MEYER is the largest manufacturer of optoelectronic equipment.
  • Authorized distributor of AMVT (Applied Machine Vision Technologies), with product lines, such as inspection machines and metal and stone removal systems.
  • Specialized illumination systems, which emit normalized light – in both color and intensity – to analyze products under standardized conditions.
  • Illumination lamps, whose emission spectrum and intensity, fulfill the requirements of coffee roasting process control and coffee cupping rooms.
  • Mycotoxins detection’s lamps. Based in our wide experience in mycotoxins detection and quantification, we have developed illumination systems that expose contaminated beans not detectable when lit in the visible range.
  • Design, construction and installation of magnetic traps, made for the elimination of metal contamination or stones in the product, tailored to the needs of each client.
  • Upgrade, rebuild and update of color sorters. The features of the refurbished sorters will be increased capacity and improved sorting quality.
  • Repair, refurbishment and upgrade of coffee roasters, both production and laboratory
  • Repair, upgrade and preventive maintenance of production and laboratory equipment for the coffee processing industry.
  • Phone: +506 7033 3062
  • Whatsapp: +506 8310 7716    
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