9. Transcontinental Group

Transcontinental Group (TCG) is a top-ranked, global leader in all types of flexible packaging. FIBCs (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers), you may know as Bulk Bags, Super Sacks, Totes, or Big Bags, remain our core product and specialty. Transcontinental Group also provides a number of specialty products including small coffee bags (50-100kg), SuperStable, Memory Sleeve, GreenPro liners, Poly-Jute, and retail packaging. 

Transcontinental Group’s main three principles are; Right Bag, Right Time, Right Price.  As a custom manufacturer, TCG gets the exact product to fit your needs, not just a stock unit.  With a worldwide logistics team, we deliver the products on time, when you need them.  Transcontinental Group is known for having the most competitive prices in the industry. Combine that all with top-notch customer service and it shows why TCG is the leader in flexible packaging. 

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