David Palazuelo

Born in colorful Mexico, David has worked in many customer support roles over his decade-long coffee career.

Cyrille Jannet

Cyrille Jannet has been the CEO of Keurig Trading since 2015, where he oversees all green coffee acquisition and sourcing activities for Keurig Green Mountain and Keurig Canada.

Mario Herrero

Mario Herrero is a professor of sustainable food systems and global change in the Department of Global Development, a Cornell Atkinson Scholar, and a Nancy and Peter Meinig Family Investigator in the Life Sciences.

Ricardo Oteros

Economist, coffee expert. President of the Agri-Food Cluster of the Community of Madrid.

Yannis Apostolopoulos

Yannis Apostolopoulos is the Chief Executive Officer of the Specialty Coffee Association and also serves as a board director for World Coffee Events and the Coffee Science Foundation.

Ryan Delan

Ryan Delany is the founder and Chief Analyst at Coffee Trading Academy, a premier provider of research and training on the global coffee market.

Pavan Adarsh

Pavan Adarsh is currently Vice President at Olam Food Ingredients’(ofi) Coffee trading desk in Singapore and handles the Coffee Research for Olam.

Matthew Barry

Matthew Barry is an Insight Manager at Euromonitor International, specializing in food and beverage products with a particular focus on hot beverages.

Marcos Matos

Mr. Marcos Matos has more than 20 years of experience in agribusiness. He is currently the executive director at Cecafe-The Brazilian Coffee Exports Council since 2016.

 Isabel van Bemmelen

Isabel is leading Rabobank ACORN’s strategy to support coffee industry players with their insetting objectives and ensure coffee producers can benefit by selling their carbon removals.