1. Café World Summit

Organized by ForoAlGrano, Sintercafe, Icafe, y La Hilda Estate, the Café World Summit 2024 known as CWS 2024, promises to be a defining moment in the world of […]

9. Transcontinental Group

Transcontinental Group (TCG) is a top-ranked, global leader in all types of flexible packaging. FIBCs (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers), you may know as Bulk Bags, Super Sacks, Totes, or […]

14. Buhler

Who are we? We are a Swiss company with over 150 years of experience, operating in 140 countries with 30 manufacturing sites and 100 service stations. We excel […]

12. Faciteck

More than 10 years offering solutions to the needs of our valued customers. FaciTeck is a technology-oriented company founded by a group of engineers, with ample experience in […]

8. Xeltron

At the forefront of technology since 1974, XELTRON offers the BEST SOLUTIONS to your SELECTION NEEDS. Due to the growing shortage of labor for the harvesting of cherry/grape […]

7. Mediterranean Shipping Company

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company world leader in maritime container transport. MSC’s transport and logistics solutions connect communities, customers and international businesses around the world. With a special focus […]

4. Café de Costa Rica

Profile coming soon.

2-3. StoneX

Profile coming soon

5. Tecnosoluciones

We connect our clients with the best laboratories in the world to provide them with solutions to their quality controls and the different analytical needs that arise from […]

13. Eurolub S.A.

Discover a wide range of solutions for your coffee processes, from green coffee handling, sorting by color, weight, roasting, transportation, storage, grinding, packaging and automation. Highlights of our […]