11. Lauffer Vision

Is a company specialized in R&D (RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT), manufacturing, sales and services of color sorter with Chinese-German technology. LAUFFER is a 150-year-old German company that we bought lUFFER in 2017, VISION is our team own with the exclusive optical classification technology, and we were founded as LAUFFER VISION taking advantage of the best manufacturing processing technology in Germany.

LAUFFER VISION researches and produces sorters for a full spectrum range (visible wave and infrared wave) for our daily life. Our machines are applied both in food, protecting the safety and health of humans, and in plastic recycling, exploiting the value greater recycling.

We have a presence in Latin America in countries such as Mexico, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Guatemala, Bolivia, Peru and Brazil. offering excellent selection solutions for rice, corn, peanuts, legumes, wheat, quinoa, sesame, seeds, spices, coffee beans, coffee cherries, nuts and
plastics, etc.


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