Check out the great topics and speakers you will enjoy at Sintercafé 34th edition.

Consumers, Coffee and Change: The Evolving US Market

Mr. Bill Murray
President & CEO, National Coffee Association, U.S.A.
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Shifting consumer values, inflation, and the pandemic are changing how U.S. Coffee Drinkers relate to their favorite beverage.  Hear from the head of the National Coffee Association, USA, about the forces changing the world’s largest market for coffee.

Big Bear meets Big Bull: why coffee will stay highly volatile well into 2023

Mr. Carlos Mera
Head of Agri Commodities Market Research
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Fulcrum´s story: what makes them different and a look into the future.

Mr. Blas Alfaro
Partner and Senior Vicepresident at Fulcrum
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Current situation of the fertilizers market: Challenges and opportunities in the Coffee Industry

Anthony Rivera (Commercial Manager for Yara Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama) y Marconi Alvarez (Manager of Solutions for Producers in Yara Central America)
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This Conference will cover an overview of the behavior and trends of fertilizers in recent times and expectations for the coming months, as well as the keys to achieve timely management of resources that help minimize the impact on productivity and cup quality.

Overview of the Coffee Landscape in Central America

René León
Executive Secretary of the Regional Cooperative Program for the Technological Development and Modernization of Coffee Growing (PROMECAFE)
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The initiative for Coffee & Climate. How to make coffee farming climate resilient.

Stefan Ruge
Program Manager Climate at HRNS
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With over two billion cups of coffee consumed around the world every day, it’s easy to forget what is behind every cup: A coffee farming family battling longer droughts, heavier rains, lower yields – battling the effects of climate change. The initiative for coffee&climate (c&c) addresses these effects by developing climate-smart tools and knowledge and making them accessible to smallholder coffee farming families around the world. c&c unites farmer organizations, coffee companies, and non-governmental organizations to make coffee farming climate resilient and create a lasting change.

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Mr. Michael von Luehrte (SCTA), Mr. Bill Murray (NCA) and Mr. Marcos Matos (CECAFE)
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How consuming country legislation impacts coffee producers? What are the associations doing?

Diego Robelo (GM at Aquiares Estate), Ana Ma Zapata (Senior Consultant of Climate Change at Stone X Financial Inc.), Natalia Arce (Pur Projet) and Edmundo Castro (EARTH)
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Making sense around carbon emissions

Julia Leach, Toddy, LLC
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Cold Brew Workshop, by TODDY

Alberto Acedo, Adrián Ferrero and Juan José Chavez, DISAGRO & Biome Makers
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Regenerative Agriculture

Michael Nugent, Senior Member of the ICE/NYBOT Coffee Committee
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Logistics a four letter word

Xinia Chaves Quirós, Executive Director of the Costa Rican Coffee Institute and President of the Executive Council of Fonascafe
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Juan Esteban Orduz, President Colombian Coffee Federation, Inc.
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World Coffee Producers Forum Update

Fernando Soto – Senior Vice President, Private Banking
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Kelly Amoroso, Fernanda Carrillo and Natali Venegas
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Coffee on a mission towards gender equity: what is needed and what we are doing

Juliana Jaramillo & Mr. Miguel Gamboa (Rainforest Alliance)
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