Keith Flury

Keith Flury is Sucden’s Head of Coffee Research & Analysis. He has been an agricultural commodity researcher for over 20 years. He has worked in the retail, banking, trading, and consultancy aspects of the coffee business. His first interaction with the coffee market was as a barista at Café Roma in Davis, California. From there, he branched into the development industry after study in International Agriculture Development at UCD. Understanding how farmers can access markets and reap more of the supply chain margin was the focal point of studies. Diving more into the economics of the market, Keith received his MSc in Agricultural Economics from the University of Hohenheim in Germany and Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Covering all aspects of the coffee market while working with F.O. Licht in Germany, he came to understand the market and retail forces. After this, he worked at BNP Paribas as an Agricultural Strategist in London, supporting the brokerage desk and with Rabobank International helping build strategy and analysis in the soft markets. At Sucden, he is charged with understanding the supply and demand dynamics that impact price as well as the coffee industry.